Eric Lewis

Producer, Editor, Video Graphics Designer, Cameraman, Marketing & Sales

Eric has been an avid hunter since he could hold a gun; nothing makes him happier than hunting and being in the wild. Growing up he was either in the field in pursuit of his next trophy or at home watching hunting shows on DVD and on television. He always felt that the videos he was seeing did not capture the essence that is hunting. Recreationally filming for fun and experimenting with different means of mounting cameras, unique angles, etc. his interest grew as he did. After graduating magna cum laude from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, with his BBA in Business Management and a background in marketing and entrepreneurship, Eric began learning many of the techniques and effects used for major feature action films with the intentions of bringing those tactics to the outdoor film industry. His goal is for the viewer of his films to feel the same adrenaline rush that the shooter in the video feels, and he uses all of his creativity to get it there. He met Mark Buchanan during the filming of a documentary and from there the rest is history. The “big stick” mentality fits perfectly with his desire to make the most adrenaline packed hunting videos in the industry.