Mark Buchanan

Owner, Black Bore Productions

Mark graduated with a degree in finance from the University of San Diego and has worked in the banking industry ever since. He is an avid hunter, whether it is dangerous game in Africa, bird hunting in Mexico or prairie dogs in South Dakota. He enjoys hunting anytime, anyplace, and anything.

While Mark has spent much of his hunting career pursuing game with bolt action and double rifles, he has always enjoyed “black rifles” as well. With the surge in popularity more and more hunters are being drawn into the “Black rifle” market.

Mark is not a celebrity, not an outfitter, or firearms expert, he’s just a guy who simply enjoys hunting, shooting, and the outdoors. Besides rifles, he has taught himself the art of photography and enjoys shooting with his camera as much as his rifles.

It was this combination that inspired Mark to venture into video production. He created Black Bore Productions with the intent to fill a video niche for hunters who share his passion for hunting adventures combined with battle proven tactical rifles.

These are not “how to” or “instructional” videos. Black Bore Productions was not created to teach or show anyone how to hunt. These are videos documenting real hunts, up close and personal, with a focus on the rifles and cartridges, and the excitement that only this great sport can provide.