Any serious hunter is aware of the plague of feral hogs across the United States.  No state experiences their depredation any more than Texas.  This hog invasion threatens farming operations, while posing potential problems for whitetails and other wildlife .  These prolifically expanding hogs are competing for the same food sources that game animals rely on to survive.
World-renowned big game hunter Mark Buchanan's newest DVD Death From Above, is a documentary shot from a helicopter showing the unbelievable invasion of porkers in the Lone Star State.  The DVD is well-written and offers some of the most amazing footage of aerial hog depredation ever seen before.  Already a rage on Youtube, the footage is captured by expert videographers Eric Lewis and Mark Buchanan.  You'll witness the demise of hundreds of hogs and want to see this DVD again and again.  Buchanan utilizes some of the most amazing military-grade weaponry, as he does his part to curtail the spread of these invasive critters.  Truly, this is one of the most graphic, but entertaining movies I have ever experienced.  It is a must watch for any serious sportsman!

-Mike Lambeth
Outdoor Writer/Photographer


I would buy tickets for that gig!  What fun!  And what a good cause! 
Marvelous action footage and great, great shooting on the
part of Mark Buchanan!   Rollin' porkers.  Good doesn't get 
any better!    Action all the way, a wide variety of weapons
used, superb flying skills by the pilots and all with excellent 
results.   This is the way life should be conducted!  Far better than
having a "committee of peers look into the problem for 5 to 10 
years."   Texans know how to get the job done and protect their
livelihoods! Great job guys!

-Richard Sanders
Outdoors Writer